Apple iPhone 15: Anticipated Features of Tech Giant’s Upcoming Unveiling After 12 September Scheduled Event

( Wed, 30th Aug, 2023) London, UK —

Apple's yearly September presentation will encompass the iPhone 15 series, with expectations of the tech company's flagship device embracing USB-C charging ports for the first time due to new regulations from the European Union (EU).

Apple is preparing for its annual iPhone event on 12 September
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Just as predictably as night follows day, September heralds an Apple event.


The tech behemoth conventionally earmarks a date in the ninth month of the year to disclose its novel iPhones, and this year's handsets in 2023 are poised for a notable transformation, thanks to fresh EU regulations.

Apple will be convening the event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, on 12 September. Below is a summary of our anticipations.

iPhone 15

The standard iPhone model for this year is projected to come in two sizes once more, offering a regular and a plus variant.

For those of us with petite hands and even tinier pockets, there are no indications of a revival of the mini version of the iPhone, which was last seen two years ago.

In relation to differences from the iPhone 14, the most significant change will likely be the incorporation of a USB-C charging port, displacing Apple's proprietary lightning connector.

The company has verified its shift towards USB-C to align with EU regulations. Instead of developing an exclusive model solely for EU member countries, this change will be implemented globally.

This transition should translate to fewer cables to carry around, particularly if you own other portable devices. However, it might pose a predicament if you possess numerous accessories tailored for the lightning interface.

Apart from this, the iPhone 15 is rumoured to introduce the “dynamic island” feature that was hitherto limited to the 14 Pro. This feature replaces the notch at the device's upper edge with a more compact cutout within the screen.

Furthermore, the new phone's launch will correspond with the release of the latest iOS version, which was previewed in May. Among the fresh features is the capability to mimic your voice using artificial intelligence—a feature we evaluated last month.

Regarding the pro-grade phones

Two iPhone 15 Pros are also on the horizon, once again available in standard and larger sizes.

As customary, anticipate swifter processors, enhanced cameras and battery life. Leaks propose that Apple's designers may have swapped the steel casing for titanium, a change intended to reduce the device's weight.

Two of the reported alterations borrow cues from the Apple Watch—an action button and a new nomenclature.

The former might supplant the mute switch, a long-standing characteristic of the iPhone. This button could enable users to customize its function, serving as anything from a shortcut for the camera to a trigger for the torchlight.

Concerning nomenclature, there are reports indicating that Apple is contemplating renaming its most premium model from the Pro Max to the Ultra, aligning it with its top-tier watch.

Stay tuned

Limited information is available regarding this year's updates for the Apple Watch.

Certainly, a ninth iteration of the standard series is in the works, although its significance is questionable.

The preceding year marked the introduction of the Apple Watch Ultra, primarily targeted at fitness enthusiasts seeking extended battery life and a larger screen for their rigorous workouts.

Considering the significant price reductions for the expensive wearable currently observed at several retailers, a new model seems to be impending.

Novelties in AirPods

To harmonize its sought-after earbuds with the new iPhones, Apple is reportedly preparing upgraded AirPods equipped with a USB-C port on their charging cases.

It remains uncertain whether Apple will initially focus on updating the pro or standard AirPods, or possibly both.

If Apple intends to forsake the lightning interface universally, the over-ear AirPods Max headphones will also require an update, as will other accessories such as Mac keyboards, mice, and trackpads.

For those inclined towards embracing the simplicity of using a solitary cable, costs could potentially escalate.


Any additional highlights?

Apple commonly reserves any announcements regarding updates to its iPads and Macs for a distinct date. However, if they are presented during the September event, enthusiasts can anticipate the introduction of new M3 chips for heightened performance.

In other spheres, the prospects are slim but not implausible for receiving further insights into the Apple Vision Pro—a mixed-reality headset declared earlier this year, accompanied by a staggering price tag of £2,800.

Not even the accumulation of all those lightning cables you need to replace would come close to that sum.

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