ULEZ: Sadiq Khan Hints at Potential Increase in London’s Road Charges.

(qlmbusinessnews.com Fri, 15th Sept, 2023) London, UK —

During a recent session of Mayor's Question Time, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, indicated that there might be future adjustments to the capital's road charges, which could encompass the Congestion Charge, low emission zone (LEZ), and ultra low emission zone (ULEZ). However, Khan clarified that a pay-per-mile system was not currently under consideration.

Khan's comments arose during a discussion with Conservative Assembly Member Emma Best, who questioned him about his prior statements regarding a scheme that would charge drivers based on when and where they drive in London.

The Mayor acknowledged that the city had been exploring the concept of pay-per-mile. He noted that as more drivers transition to cleaner forms of transportation, fuel duty revenues would diminish, potentially leading to higher road taxes and other costs. Consequently, road charging is an ongoing topic of review.

Khan stated, “It's not inconceivable in the future at some date, the Congestion Charge could go up or down, ULEZ could go up or down, LEZ could go up or down, as it did in the past. That’s a very different question and proposition to a pay-per-mile scheme. A pay-per-mile scheme is off the table – not on my radar.”

Additionally, Khan mentioned other ideas that had been explored, such as a fee for each car journey. He disclosed that he had considered a boundary charge, which he ultimately rejected, along with a carbon charge for each car trip. Khan also highlighted that Transport for London (TfL) had been researching driverless cars, although their widespread adoption remains distant.

Khan reassured Londoners that, as long as he serves as Mayor, pay-per-mile is not being considered. He cited the importance of offering this reassurance due to London now hosting the world's largest clean air zone.

This statement follows Khan's earlier remarks in March about his vision for a smart road user charging scheme in London, inspired by international examples like Singapore. In July, Khan clarified that there was no technology in place for pay-per-mile systems, despite comments from Transport Minister Richard Holden suggesting TfL was exploring such a scheme.

If you are impacted by the expanded ULEZ, feel free to share your experiences and thoughts below the video.

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