Caramel Lovers Mourn as Nestlé Ceases Caramac Production After 64 Years.

( Mon, 13th Nov, 2023) London, UK —

Iconic Caramac Bids Adieu as Nestlé Halts Production After Six Decades

Admirers of the classic caramel treat, Caramac, have been left heartbroken as Nestlé confirmed its discontinuation. Nestlé attributed the decision to declining sales in recent years, marking the end of a delectable era.

Caramac made its debut over six decades ago, swiftly captivating consumers with its iconic red and yellow packaging and delightful caramel flavour. However, it now faces its curtain call as competing brands introduce their own “blonde” chocolate alternatives.

For instance, Cadbury unveiled its Caramilk range in 2021, extending its product line with variations like Caramilk Buttons. Major supermarkets, such as Asda and B&M, have also ventured into the caramel-chocolate market with new offerings in recent times.

The news of Caramac's discontinuation emerged on social media platforms, prompting an outpouring of grief from its dedicated fan base. On Twitter, one enthusiast mourned, stating that the announcement had “ruined their day,” while another offered a humorous farewell, saying, “Rest in peace Caramac.”

Nonetheless, not everyone was a fan, with some expressing surprise at the bar's continued existence. One person commented, “I didn't even realize they were still around; I haven't seen one in years.”

Nestlé addressed the decision, acknowledging fans' disappointment while emphasising the need to reallocate resources towards their top-performing brands and exciting innovations that will captivate consumers' taste buds.

A bakery in Scotland, known for using Caramac in its pastries, posted on Facebook and Twitter, describing it as a “sad day” and announcing their intention to stock up on the remaining bars.

In response, they shared, “It's been cancelled, so I bought as many boxes as I could! They should last a while (I hope), but once they are gone, there will be no more Caramac eclairs!”

The post gained nearly 3,000 comments as followers expressed their shock and disbelief. One ardent supporter even discussed launching a petition in a last-ditch effort to persuade the consumer giant Nestle to reconsider their decision.

Caramac, originally created by Mackintosh's, has been a beloved fixture on confectionery shelves in the UK since its inception in 1959. The name “Caramac” is a fusion of “caramel” and “Mackintosh” and was chosen through a competition held by Mackintosh's management team for their factory workers in Norwich.

While the bar has been a part of the UK confectionery scene for decades, Nestlé's recent realignment of its product focus has led to Caramac's discontinuation. In a fiercely competitive market, Caramac, despite its nostalgic value and distinctive red-and-yellow packaging, could no longer secure its place alongside other Nestlé chocolate bars.

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