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Winter's Embrace: Snowfall Sweeps South-East England Amid Week-Long Cold Spell

Snowfall has graced several parts of the UK, heralding the onset of a week-long cold spell that is set to impact the country. The south-eastern regions, in particular, are bracing for a combination of snow, sleet, and rain, with forecasts from Weather predicting varied wintry conditions on Monday.

The Met Office has issued warnings for ice and snow across southern England and Wales, anticipating potential travel disruptions. Concurrently, central England may continue to grapple with flooding concerns, as highlighted by the Environment Agency.

A yellow warning for ice, in effect from 15:00 GMT Monday to 03:00 on Tuesday, covers southern England and southern Wales. The Met Office cautions about the likelihood of icy surfaces emerging in new areas due to small amounts of snow, potentially leading to slower journeys.

Snowfall Sweeps South-East England

Weather's Stav Danaos elaborated that north-east England would experience light rain, sleet, and snow over hills, while south-east England could anticipate wintry showers and a light dusting of snow, even in lower-lying areas.

The Met Office foresees “a mix of sleet and snow showers” moving in from the east, accompanied by near-zero temperatures. Given the wintry showers and wet surfaces from recent rainfall, icy patches are expected on untreated surfaces.

Monday night is expected to witness a significant drop in temperatures, with parts of England and Wales possibly reaching -4°C, and northern Scotland plummeting to lows of -7°C.

An amber cold weather warning, in collaboration between the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and the Met Office, encompasses the South West, South East, West Midlands, East Midlands, and North West parts of England until 12:00 on Friday. The prolonged impact of cold weather on the health service prompts this warning, while a yellow cold weather warning for other English regions is also in place until Friday.

Dr. Agostinho Sousa from UKHSA emphasized checking on vulnerable individuals during cold weather, especially older people, who are more susceptible to health risks.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has initiated an emergency severe weather plan to ensure additional emergency accommodation for people sleeping rough across the capital.

In Northern Ireland, a yellow warning for ice has been issued, cautioning of potential challenging travel conditions due to icy patches on untreated roads, pavements, and cycle paths.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has urged road users to exercise caution, sticking to main, gritted roads whenever possible, slowing down, and increasing braking distances.

For those traveling in extreme weather conditions, the AA's Nick Powell advises checking the condition of tires, fully de-icing the car, and ensuring winter essentials are on hand, including warm layers, a shovel, a torch, and a flask of a hot drink. The cold snap is expected to impact vehicle breakdown levels, with flat batteries and frozen windscreen wipers likely issues.

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