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“Government’s Unexpected 100ml Liquid Limit Causes Airport Chaos”

Airport bosses have expressed frustration over the government’s abrupt reinstatement of the 100ml liquid limit for hand luggage, introduced last weekend. The Airport Operators Association (AOA) criticised the sudden change, stating it has caused uncertainty and confusion for passengers as the peak travel season approaches.

Following the installation of advanced scanning technology, several regional airports had already abolished liquid restrictions. However, major hubs are still in the process of rolling out these new machines. Despite assurances from the transport secretary that the re-imposition of the old limits is temporary, there is no clear timeline for when the situation will be resolved.

The government mandates all UK airports to upgrade to “next generation” security systems. These new scanners, which produce 3D images, should allow liquids up to two litres and laptops to remain in hand luggage during security checks. Major airports like Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester missed the 1 June deadline for installation due to logistical challenges. In contrast, London City, Teesside, Newcastle, Leeds-Bradford, Aberdeen, and Southend complied on time and had removed the old liquid rules.

Birmingham Airport, having completed its installation, was instructed to maintain the 100ml limit while awaiting regulatory approval. However, an unexpected announcement from the Department for Transport (DFT) on Friday reinstated the 100ml limit for all airports effective from Sunday. The DFT clarified that the decision was not in response to a specific threat but to allow for further improvements to the new checkpoint systems.

"Government’s Unexpected 100ml Liquid Limit Causes Airport Chaos" 100ml

The sudden change, prompted by new information about the scanners, caused significant disruption for airport management, who were informed only on Friday. Karen Dee, chief executive of the AOA, highlighted the substantial financial investment airports have made in upgrading their security systems, as mandated by the government. She described the announcement as a “surprise” and criticised the limited time given to react, which has created challenges for both passengers and airport operations.

Airports that had fully transitioned to the new systems and trained staff accordingly are most affected, unable to utilise the expensive new equipment fully. The reinstatement of the 100ml limit has led to increased confiscation of items at security, as passengers were unaware of the reversion to old rules.

In response, thirty airport bosses and the AOA have written to the transport secretary, aviation minister, and civil servants seeking clarity on the decision, its implications for airports mid-rollout, and the expected duration of the reversion to the 100ml limit. Ms Dee urged passengers to be prepared to comply with the liquid limit until further notice.

The Department for Transport has been approached for comment.

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