Amazon, Deliveroo and Uber under scrutiny over employment


Amazon, Deliveroo and Uber have told MPs their businesses would survive if they no longer relied on self-employed workers. The companies, along with Hermes, have come under scrutiny for not giving those employees sick pay, pensions, or a minimum wage.

Worlds First Cashless Fuel Payment Cars



In a world-first, Jaguar and Land Rover owners can now pay for their fuel via the touchscreen of their car at Shell service stations. Rather than paying at the pump or queuing to pay in the shop, installing the Shell app via InControl means drivers can simply drive up to any pump at participating Shell service stations, select how much fuel they require and pay with PayPal or Apple Pay on the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Discusses His 5,800-word Global Manifesto

( via – – Fri, 17 Feb, 2017) London, Uk – –

Mark Zuckerberg has sparked further speculation about a future political career after publishing a 5,800-word global manifesto.

The Facebook co-founder and chief executive spent a month writing the missive in which he opened by asking the question: "Are we building the world we all want?"

He suggested that some people had been "left behind by globalisation" and that efforts must be made to "bring communities together".

Mr Zuckerberg, 32, said: "Facebook stands for bringing us closer together and building a global community. Yet now, across the world, there are people left behind by globalisation, and movements for withdrawing from global connection."

Facebook was started by Mr Zuckerberg in a Harvard dorm room in 2004, and he is now worth an estimated $50 billion.

The social media magnate said his latest message, published on his Facebook page, was not motivated by any one particular event, not even the US election. But he was concerned by a rising tide of opinion that "connecting the world" as Facebook sought to do was no longer a good thing.

Mr Zuckerberg said he still strongly believes in "connecting the world". However, it was "not enough if it's good for some people but it doesn't work for other people. We really have to bring everyone along".

He added: "In times like these the most important thing we at Facebook can do is develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for all of us." Mr Zuckerberg lamented the fading of traditional social communities such as churches, labour unions and local community groups.

He wrote: "A healthy society needs these communities to support our personal, emotional and spiritual needs. "In a world where this physical social infrastructure has been declining we have a real opportunity to help strengthen these communities and the social fabric of our society." It was the latest indication that Mr Zuckerberg could eventually seek political office.

He recently persuaded the Facebook board to allow him to maintain control of the company if he ever takes a leave of absence to serve in government.

Mr Zuckerberg also recently announced his new year resolution for 2017 was to meet with people from every state in the US, to "talk to more people about how they're living, working and thinking about the future".

By Nick Allen  

Verizon close to renegotiating its deal to acquire Yahoo’s internet assets



Bloomberg has reported that Verizon is close to renegotiating its deal to acquire Yahoo's internet assets. According to sources familiar with the matter, the $4.8 billion price tag for the acquisition “could be coming down by as much as $250 million.” Neither Yahoo or Verizon has confirmed this number yet. Last month Yahoo said the deal to sell to Verizon was “delayed but still on” as the company dealt with hacking controversies and a new reported investigation “by the Securities and Exchange Commission over allegations it was slow to tell its investors about the hacks.”

How Alibaba Emerged To Be One Of The Worlds Most Valuable E-commerce Company



Ever wondered how big is Alibaba? The Jack Ma led company, which is the biggest e-commerce company in China has left no stone unturned to emerge as one of the most valuable company in the world, surpassing its rivals Amazon and eBay. Today, Startup Stories features the wide range of businesses under Alibaba Holding Group.

Intel plan to invest more than $7 billion in Arizona factory



President Trump held up Intel's plan to invest more than $7 billion in an Arizona factory as a win for his economic agenda. The mayor of Chandler simply calls it a win for his city where the plant is expected to generate thousands of jobs

Vodafone echo similar warning by BT of pressures on international corporate business


( via – – Thur, 2 Feb, 201) London, UK – –

Vodafone, the world's second-biggest mobile operator, said on Thursday that the rate of growth in its international business division had slowed, echoing a similar warning given by British rival BT last week.

BT, Britain's dominant fixed-line telecoms operator that provides networked IT and cloud services to companies and governments around the world, had said that it had seen a marked slowdown in its international order book, prompting it to take a more cautious approach to the sector.

Vodafone, reporting its third-quarter results on Thursday, said it was also seeing lower rates of growth in its global enterprise division, and said it was taking a more disciplined approach to agreeing contracts.

Neither spelled out whether the slowdown in spending was due to concerns by corporate customers for the global economy or whether it reflected competitive pressures from cloud service specialists such as Amazon Web Services.

“Global enterprise used to grow (around) 5 percent, now it's 2, so yes there is a deceleration,” Vodafone Chief Executive Vittorio Colao told reporters.

“What I hear, what I see is there is a pressure on revenues and we are a little bit stricter on the profitability of some contracts, so we don't always bid to the last penny to win.”

BT issued a major profit warning last week, with the business hit by a slowdown in British government work and an accounting scandal discovered in its Italian business.

The firm also said it had seen a drop in new work from multinational companies, forcing it to lower its growth forecasts for the unit.

“We're taking action to address this trend,” BT Finance Director Simon Lowth told analysts. “We are now more cautious on the outlook for the international markets for this year and next and we've revised downwards our expectations of future growth rates in this part of our business.”

IT research firm Gartner has predicted that spending on global communications services will rise by 1.7 percent this year, while it expects IT services to rise by 4.2 percent.

By Kate Holton and Paul Sandle

Deepening Italian accounting scandal sees BT shares plummet – corporate

UK telecoms firm BT has cut its revenue, earnings and cash flow forecasts for the next two years.

The reason for that was it had discovered that improper accounting at its Italian business went far deeper than previously thought.

Its shares slumped and on Tuesday were on track for their worst ever one-day fall, cutting its value on the stock market by almost a fifth.

Uber to Pay $20M allegations Settlement Over Duping Drivers

Uber Technologies is paying $20 million to settle allegations that it duped people into driving for its ride-hailing service with false promises about how much they would earn and how much they would have to pay to finance a car. The agreement announced Thursday with the Federal Trade Commission covers statements Uber made from late 2013 until 2015 while trying to recruit more drivers to expand its service and remain ahead of its main rival, Lyft. The FTC alleged that most Uber drivers were earning far less in 18 major U.S. cities than Uber published online.