People who ditch the office commute for the kitchen table

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More than 4.2 million people now regularly work from home – but some are working far harder than others.

Most home-workers start later, finish earlier and admit to becoming easily distracted by their guilty pleasure afternoon TV show or playing with the cat.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the favourite days for people to ditch the office commute for the kitchen table.

But, while half say they are confident of getting more done at home, the other half admit that slouching around in tracksuit bottoms and a sweatshirt hits productivity.

Research from TalkTalk shows the average the working-from-home day begins at 9.28am but people clock off shortly after 4pm – a meagre 6hr 14min of work, the equivalent of 80% of the typical work day.

Workers admit that the remaining time is spent doing chores, browsing the internet, sneakily catching up on favourite box set or TV show, or entertaining our four-legged friends.

Some workers have even managed to squeeze in an afternoon nap, workout at the gym and a spray tan while supposedly working from home.
Clare Evans, productivity expert and author of Time Management for Dummies, says: “Although it may seem that some home workers cut corners, the beauty of flexible working is that it allows us to fit work around the things in your life that matter.

“Everyone works in different ways and if you’re more productive doing your spreadsheets between the bed sheets, that’s fine.

“By creating structure and staying focused, you can get more done in six hours working from home than eight hours with colleagues – a theory being explored by Sweden with the new six-hour working day format.”

By Mark Dorman