Pro-Brexiters Rallied at Old Palace Yard Calling For Swift Exit

Pro-Brexiters rallied at Old Palace Yard, just outside of the Houses of Parliament, on Wednesday, calling for a hard Brexit following a court ruling that the British government would need parliament's approval to trigger article 50 to leave the EU.

Conservative MP for Monmouth David Davies addressed the crowd, claiming that while the Brexit camp had “won a battle” they “did not win the war”. The Tory MP went on to state that the referendum result was “being undermined by a rather shadowy bunch of people” who were finding “loopholes to try and prevent the voice of the British people from being heard.”

The landmark challenge to British Prime Minister Theresa May's ability to trigger Brexit negotiations without a vote in Parliament was ruled on by Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd at the High Court of Justice on November 3. The British government has stated that it will appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.