Harmonie Krieger, Founder of Pop Your Shop, Success Story


Harmonie Krieger, Founder of Pop Your Shop, says you have to be nuts. You have to love what you do. You have to change your mindset in order to be a good entrepreneur.

Starting a business is TOUGH. Wanting to give up everyday is not a crazy thing, you have to power through it. Harmonie's advice: change the way you think. She was so overwhelmed, didn't know where to begin, couldn't relax. So she started with deep breaths, self-help books, and changing her mindset.

Harmonie believes determination, being hungry, and having the drive are fundamental for success. “Just go for it, just keep going because if you stop, the hustle stops. The passion dies. You don't have it anymore… It doesn't matter what the hustle is, it just matters that you move forward.”

She talks about the importance of allocating the things you aren't good at to other people, so that you don't spend more time on the things you can't really do well.

Last words of advice: Find a mentor. Ask for help.