25 of the Most Amazing Beaches to Add to Your Bucket List


25 places to add to your bucket list. Be sure to visit some of these amazing and beautiful beaches!

8- Navagio Beach, Greece – Also known as Smuggler’s Bay or Shipwreck Cove, this beach in Greece is picture perfect and has a very unique feel. That’s because, what is believed to be a shipwreck cigarette smuggling ship adorns the beach. This beach is very secluded, and you need to get a taxi-boat to get there.

7- Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia – And speaking about secluded – this beach takes the cake. You can only access this pristine beach by registering with a tour guide, and even then you are only allowed entry for a few hours. The sand of Whitehaven Beach is really something special – it’s 98% pure silica, translation: you’d be hard-pressed to find a whiter beach.

6- Balos Beach, Greece – The colors of the water at Balos Beach are to die for. A swirl of pink, blues and turquoise make this beach’s waters some of the most beautiful in the world. Off the coast of Crete, this beach can get a bit smelly due to microorganisms in the muddy shallow water. But we would have to say that, for this kind of postcard perfection, it’s definitely worth it.

5- Rabbit Beach, Italy – When you look at Rabbit Beach, located in Lampedusa Italy, it’s hard to believe a place so beautiful actually exists. But, exist it does – and between the pure white cliffs, crystal clear waters and perfect weather – this beach is about as picture perfect as they come.

4- Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands – The marine life at this beach is a must-see for any amateur Jacques Cousteau’s out there. A coral reef protects the beach and this is where many species of ocean life call home. If relaxing on the beach is more your speed, luckily it’s the perfect place for that, too.

3- Tulum, Mexico – This is definitely the perfect beach for anybody who likes a little something extra while on vacation. While visiting Tulum, you’ll be swimming in the shadow of ancient Mayan ruins. The beach is set right below a Mayan archeological ruin that hangs off the edge of a cliff. Talk about a view! And the smooth sand, blue-green waters and exceptional diving aren’t so bad either!

2- Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barths – This is the one and only nudist beach appearing on this list – although nudity is technically banned in St. Barth’s, this beach seems to be the exception to that rule. Although there’s little shade, the view from the beach of crystal clear waters and a perfect blue sky are totally worth it. There’s even an area behind the beach that is home to tropical birds.

1- Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island, Bahamas – Paradise Island is the perfect name – Cabbage Beach, not so much – but names aside, Cabbage Beach is definitely one of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. Because of its beauty, it does tend to get touristy, but take a quick walk down the beach and you can have that quiet moment you’ve been looking for.
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