McDonald’s to hire 20,000 staff for new UK and Ireland restaurants

( via– Mon, 21st June 2021) London, Uk – –

The announcement comes after the US-owned fast food chain recently said global sales had returned to pre-pandemic levels.

McDonald's has announced that it is hiring 20,000 more workers as it opens new restaurants in the UK and Ireland.

The US-owned fast food chain is taking on staff and opening 50 new sites in 2021.

Mr Pomroy said: “It's fantastic to be able to offer an additional 20,000 people an opportunity to work with us.

“There is no doubt the pandemic has had a huge impact on many people's employment opportunities and threatened the future of high streets up and down the country.

“The moves we've announced today reflect our commitment to continue to innovate and invest in the local communities and economies we serve.”

McDonald's currently has more than 1,400 restaurants, run by local franchisees, across UK and Ireland, employing more than 130,000 people.

Mr Pomroy admitted, speaking to the Telegraph, that it was “getting harder and harder to recruit”.

Trade industry body UK Hospitality has recently described a staffing crisis across the industry with a vacancy rate of 9% or 188,000 workers, following more than a year of closures and restrictions.

McDonald's said in April that, globally, sales in the first quarter had surpassed 2019 levels, helped by strong performance in its US home market.

Outside America, it said it did well in the Australia and Canada though continued to be held back in many markets by COVID-19 restrictions.

Earlier this year, Sky News reported claims that sales competitions between restaurants in the UK were endangering staff health and safety. McDonald's said it would investigate.

The latest jobs announcement comes days after Sky News revealed plans for expansion at fast food chain Itsu, which could create 2,000 new jobs.