15 Incredible Destinations That Make For The Perfect Workation

Source: Alux

This Alux video we will be answering the following questions: What is the meaning of Workation? How do you get a Workation? Why is Workation important? Where can I go for Workation? How do you travel with WFH? What is digital nomad? How long is a Workation? What should I bring for Workation? How do you plan a Workation? What countries are best for digital nomads? Where can you be a digital nomad? Where do the most digital nomads live? Can you be a digital nomad in Bali? Do digital nomads pay tax? Is being a nomad illegal? How do I become a digital nomad with no experience? How much money do I need to be a nomad? Where do nomads stay? How do you become a nomad in 2021? Where to live if you can work remotely?